Constructed for Comfort - Designer Clothing for Babies and Toddlers

Sophie 4 Sophie's mission is to make clothing that is funky, functional and fun to wear. It has to be versatile and longer lasting than traditional clothing.

If you're looking for Unique, Funky, Longer Lasting and Super Stylish clothing, look no further... because Sophie 4 Sophie is here!

*The Reversible Dress* - has so many looks... and just like everything we design.. it doesn't have one age range... this marvellous dress comes in 3 unique sizes 3 – 18 months, 9 months - 3 years and 4 – 7 years!

Starting out as a long pinafore dress, then as your daughter grows, it becomes a short swing pinafore dress and eventually a funky top!!

Adding to this versatility, The Reversible Dress is made with a completely different fabric on each side.. you’ll have a hard time choosing which side to wear first.

Team the dress with long tees/short tees/leggings/tights/jeans... you'll never have a day it can't be worn with endless possibilities of mix and matching!

ALSO... as with everything we make... The Reversible Dress is FULLY customisable... you choose the fabrics... we make!

*the Pants* - Our most heard comment was "once you buy something for a baby, they wear it a few times, then the next time you see them, they’ve grown out of it!"

But not with The Pants - they fit from age 6 months to 18 months!! (WOW!)

The concept behind the longevity of The Pants was the expense of buying clothes and they not fitting after 2 weeks. Natalie’s daughter was growing so fast, they just weren’t lasting the intended age range!

We wanted something that would last for ages, and also have a combination of looks but also being super comfy for the baby to wear, as so many times we've seen babies with trousers/waistbands digging into their tiny bellies, which must be so uncomfortable.

The unique 'circular bum' is also a purposeful design... with babies having big bums.. nappies.. mostly being washable now.. you need a space to accommodate this... so with the stitching and shape, no stress is forced onto the trousers... PERFECT for our wriggly, big bummed beauties!!!!

The Pants are suitable for summer, winter, in fact.... any time of year because of the unique way of rolling the legs/waistband up and down to suit the needs of the baby and weather. High waist/low waist - long legs/short legs - you decide.

Also because of the way The Pants are made, YOU get complete control over the look... you choose the fabrics... we make... unique and special, just like your baby!

*The Kinky Bib* - After tons of requests for co-ordinating pieces to go with The Reversible Dress, we decide to make The Kinky Bib, a super fun bib perfect for showing off some style without compromise!

Funky clothes had forever been hidden behind a boring white bib... but no longer. The Kinky Bib can set off an outfit with serious style!

The bib is made with funky fabric, protected by a clear layer of PVC. A soft layer of jersey cotton underneath makes it soft against baby's skin. It is all bound with brightly coloured binding and has easy to use ties!

In addition to The Kinky Bib, we've created The Kinky Katcher Bib. Just the same as The Kinky Bib, but with a clear pouch on the front to 'Katch' the bits the little ones drop whilst eating.

The Kinky Bib is super easy to keep clean, normally a simple wipe down after a meal is all that’s needed. It is of course completely hand washable and dries super quick.


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