oops, a year just passed by...

>> Friday, 17 December 2010

I have no one to blame but myself..

I have let my blog fail, get lonely and left to gather "virtual" Dust.. 

i've been so busy this year with Sophie4Sophie, kids, life, housework, plucking out grey hairs! (i have WAY too many for a very super nearly 31 year old!) that i've not had any time to blog, I always mean to write a blog post, but never do :-(

I made a promise to myself that once I had succumbed to starting this blog, i would keep it going.. but I haven't & for this I am sorry :-(

my last post was in july... Yikes!! thats just terrible! So much has happened since then.. so much I could have written about.

I won't bore you with it all now in one HUGE post of drivel.. instead, i would like to show you some pictures of things that have happened with Sophie4Sophie, Myself & the kids!

 I bought an iPad & Sophie stole it.... i'm still waiting to get it back!
 I took 5 kids to London's Hyde Park *on my own*
 I gave my son a SuperHero Bed makeover *thank you Molo-Kids & Little Sunflowers*
 I got a new haircut!
 I designed a new Sophie4Sophie product... just for boys! Hurrah!

 Discovered my son had alopecia 
 Sophie turned 3 years old.. my how time flies.....
 took the kids out at 7am in the snow so we could be the first people to play in it!
 Sophie made her 1st snow angel!
 I got myself a new Twilight inspired Tattoo 
 Sophie and her daddy shared their FIRST EVER story together (better late than never!)
 witnessed the craziest cloud EVER... friend's son literally thought the world was ending...
Designed a pettiskirt for just dresses pettiskirt range & got one for Sophie

I also turned vegan a few months ago, have lost just over 2 stone and have discovered im addicted to buying dresses from Allsaints* which is a very good/bad thing... *thank you allsaints mastercard for helping me

in the new year, I have a lot of new things happening with Sophie4Sophie and hopefully I will have myself all prepared to blog about it all! :-)

new stockists, new products, exclusive range, innovative dresses.. and much, much more...

if you don't already, please follow me on facebook & twitter as i'm likely to be found on these daily....

I hope everyone is all set for the festive season.. 

take care, and look forward to actually getting my blog up and running as it should be!



>> Friday, 23 July 2010

here is a dress i made for a customer, but accidently used the wrong colour way of the "around the world" fabric!
So now this dress is up for grabs!!!
if you'd like to buy it, please get in touch with me on hello (at) Sophie4Sophie.com 

its in age 9 months - 3 years and costs £28.00 with FREE P&P! 

also, have a look at the other dresses i have available in the
"buy me, buy me!" section on my flickr page!

I Adore this fabric, im currently in the middle of making Sophie a bed set out of the "around the World" fabric. its amazing & has such wonderful details and famous monuments detailed on it!


The REVEAL! (of my 1st Gallery Post!)

>> Friday, 16 July 2010

hey everyone, thank you all so much for the guesses!!
here it is! (in non macro!)

it is my favorite gift from my mum! she was on holiday in Devon & bought it as she said it reminded her of me! (dunno what she meant by this, but i'm happy with that!!)
whenever she does go on a holiday, either in the UK or abroad, i always ask her to bring me a tacky gift!
the one of the leaning tower of Pisa, she found in a tourist shop in Italy when she was touring the monuments!!
I love it! she even bought me the postcard with the "real thing" pictured on the front!!! 

I really enjoyed this 1st attempt of the Gallery! and thank you all so much for stopping by my entry!
here's to next weeks!! i hope its a Goodie again!


The Gallery: my macro attempt!

>> Wednesday, 14 July 2010

this is my 1st attempt at joining in on "The Gallery!" im not sure if i have met the brief, but this was about the ONLY interesting (to me!) thing i could think of to "macro in on!"

what do you all think?!


The Marlets Lottery!

>> Monday, 12 July 2010

last week I had a door to door salesman stop by, it was about 6:30pm and i was VERY Stressed with kids.

He'd asked me if i would like to support the Martlets Hospice by joining their lottery?! 
I didn't know what this meant, and i wasn't in the mood to find out, so politely told the guy that i would take some information about it and have a read. he said he would call back next week. 

I glanced at the leaflet, then put it into the box of "stuff" (on the stairs, where all important things go like School letters, free newspapers, takeaway menus.. etc... the stuff you "really" want, but don't ever chuck out! ahem, i mean recycle!)

I never thought the guy would come back, but today he did!

again, it was about 6:30pm and again... i was VERY Stressed! he said, did i remember him, to which i said "oh yes.. of course" (which i didnt!)
he asked if i had had a chance to read the leaflet he left (I lied and said Oh yes!!) and he asked if i would like to take part.
(I hate on the spot "needs an answer" questions, esp. from door to door salesmen)
so i said, "yes, i would love to help, how much will it cost me?!"

£4.34 a month.. 

thats not bad, so I was happy saying yes! I spend more than that a week on Diet coke!!

as i was filling out the form, he asked me if i knew what the martlets was all about. 
I didn't?! 

he then said, "oh WOW, you do not know what we are and you are still willing to help?"

me - "why yes, its only a small donation?"

guy at door - "WOW... you are the kindest person i have met! (i am????) i am actually blown away right now!"

me- (in thought) HUH????????

guy at door - "today, i have walked about the whole day, and not one person has offered to take part in the lottery/donation scheme, and here you are, not knowing who we are, willing to give up some of your money to help"

me - (Again in thought) WOW.. he is really passionate about this Martlets Lottery??

"Ok, so what is the Martlets Hospice? and what do you do?"

he then told me all about the Hospice. OMG. I had no Idea.....

they are a Wonderful charity, who look after people coming to the end of their lives, their Slogan being - "life is precious... right to the end"

this is the 1st line on their website - "We provide end of life care services to adults with life limiting illness including cancer."

I was so glad i had now said yes, as this is a service very much in need & ALL of the donations to the lottery go directly to the care of these patients.
in fact the guy doing the door to door sales, was in fact a worker/carer for the charity. he said they get NO NHS funding and they simply rely on the generosity of the community.

the guy gave me a receipt for the direct debit info i had just given him & said 
"I am still in shock, you are really really kind. I have had such an awful day, but you have given me hope, given me some gusto to try getting more people to join in"

he left with a smile on his face, but he left me with a lot more. 

I'm very ignorant to the services our community provide. I've "touchwood" not had to utilise any of them though.
but that doesn't mean i shouldn't know. I should know. and i should "help" and am so glad he did come back.
Cancer has been on the forethought of my mind recently, My Elder sister has (HAD.. touchwood is in remission) Pseudomyxoma Peritonei and here is her story. its a very rare form of cancer.
my younger sister Izi did the race for life in name of her last weekend, SO PROUD OF HER! (she's a complete couch potato, so was amazing she ran it!!!)
my granddad died of bowel cancer when i was a teenager, and i never said goodbye, something I won't ever forget.
also i have been talking to a wonderful friend on twitter who has just lost her mum to cancer. 
Cancer affects everyone i think, either you know about someone who has it, someone close to you has it, or you yourself may have it & a lot of people don't/can't recover.

the service the Martlets Hospice provide, is the last port of call to a lot of these people in the Brighton & Hove community and to the people involved it must be such a relief (i don't think thats the right word??) great support for all involved! to have these resources available to them.

I'm so glad this guy came back. I'm so glad i make him happy by making such a small but generous token of help and im so glad I now know what they do, as i am definitely going to be making more of an effort to help.

in the leaflet it says the TOP prize (weekly) is £1000. if i ever win.. (2nd prize £150, 3rd prize £100, 4th prize £50 and 40x £5 prizes) any of these. the money will go RIGHT back to them. 
they deserve it/need it more than i ever will.



>> Saturday, 10 July 2010

THE JOKER (LEGS ROLLED UP!), originally uploaded by sophie4sophie.
I've been neglecting my Blog for a LONG time!
I'm hoping to fix this! as im missing out on sharing a whole load of Life with you all!

hope everyone is ok?

this weekend I have been trying to revamp my Flickr (Sophie4Sophie) account!

my workload is up to date which is Amazing & i've had some free time to get working on my "ready to wear" one off pieces.

and here are some: http://www.flickr.com/photos/sophie4sophie/collections/72157624111394554/
this is the "buy me, Buy me" section where i will be putting them once they're made!

today i finished a couple of pairs of "the Pants" which i've been wanting to make for AGES.
this pair which are pictured are made using a T-shirt which "The Joker" from Batman!!
*this is the view of the back of the pants*
the front are plain.
made to fit babies aged 6 months - 18 months (possibly up to 2 years!!)

if you like these and would like to buy them, please contact me through my blog, Facebook (search Sophie4Sophie) or on twitter (@Soph4Soph)

they cost £20.00 and P&P is £2.95 (recorded delivery)

thanks so much for reading my Blogpost today!
(which im doing through Flickr!! how cool is that!!!!!!!!!)



"Memory Monday" (sorry for stealing your title Sian!)

>> Monday, 18 January 2010

Taken in November 2007. this is my favourite photo of the boys, it was probably the BEST day we've all had together and we had so much fun together! we rarely have days like this and it really brings happiness to me, when i think about how happy we can all be. This year i'm promising myself and them, we WILL have more days like this.

This photo is of me in 2006. It was just before i started bodybuilding and I thought i was FAT! (god if only i had known what being "fat" really was!) I am desperate to be this thin again, i felt so much more comfortable in my body. I looked amazing! (after havng the 3 boys!) please mind the mess of my bathroom!! as you can see, i've never been good with housework! hahaha!

My memory monday wouldn't be complete without a picture of Sophie. So here's one no has has seen before. this was the 1st time i saw Sophie when she was born! i was So shocked with how chunky she was! then we found out how heavy she was.. a whopping 10lb 6oz!! I loved her instantly.. but that expression she's pulling.. Classic sophie face!!!

and this last one is of me (Again!!) its my favourite photo of myself. Don't ask me why.. but it is.  I think it sums me up completely. if someone asked me how I felt, this photo would be my answer!
(I just wish I still had that face.. its lost under a few layers of CHIN now!!)

Thank you to everyone for nominating me to do this post. It was fun looking through old photos. I have so many though!!!

I would love to pass this on to other's to blog about, but I think i'm probably the last to do it!! (i'm so slack when it comes to blogging, emailing, replying...... Sorry guys!!!!!


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