The REVEAL! (of my 1st Gallery Post!)

>> Friday, 16 July 2010

hey everyone, thank you all so much for the guesses!!
here it is! (in non macro!)

it is my favorite gift from my mum! she was on holiday in Devon & bought it as she said it reminded her of me! (dunno what she meant by this, but i'm happy with that!!)
whenever she does go on a holiday, either in the UK or abroad, i always ask her to bring me a tacky gift!
the one of the leaning tower of Pisa, she found in a tourist shop in Italy when she was touring the monuments!!
I love it! she even bought me the postcard with the "real thing" pictured on the front!!! 

I really enjoyed this 1st attempt of the Gallery! and thank you all so much for stopping by my entry!
here's to next weeks!! i hope its a Goodie again!


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