New Year, New Products and New Competitions

>> Sunday, 20 February 2011

this week I have been trying really hard to get back into the swing of things, I've found the last few months difficult due to a few reasons, but now i'm out of my "funk" and i'm ready to get Funky!!

I've been working on some new products too, one of which I mentioned yesterday, The hoodies.. they're so super cool! 

Look out for them in my Etsy Shop soon! 

another product i've been working on is about to released soon too, Take a look at the picture to the side.. its a sneak peek!

now, this new product is only going to be available from one of my Stockists!
exciting huh!

to enter the competiton, please have a look through the stockist list and pick who you think it is, have a guess as to what the new product is and put your answers to both Questions in the comments below.

the competition is open from now till next saturday (26th - 6pm UK TIME)

everyone who guesses correctly will be given a number starting with 1, and so on, and when the competition closes these numbers will be put into to create a winner.

the winner will win a £25 gift voucher to be used against anything in my new Esty shop which should hopefully be open on the 28th February! 


who's going to Cybermummy11......

>> Saturday, 19 February 2011


I so desperately wanted to go last year, but lack of funds and not thinking I warranted going stopped me.

But this year I really wanted to go, I thought about how hard blogging is for me, I never seem to get it "right" so I want to learn how I can get it right, how to make it interesting and to stand out in the crowd.

One afternoon on Twitter I was approached by a lovely lady who was interested in sponsoring someone to go and they thought i'd be a fabulous choice! (yay me!)

my sponsor is TJ from Bras4Mums

Bras4mums is a wonderful website offering a vast range of pregnancy, post birth underwear, clothing and accessories for any mum.
here's a bit of blurb about TJ and the website:

bras4mums offer a personal bra fitting service via our home bra fitting service & telephone or email advice with our trained and experienced bra fitters.
bras4mums was set up by Tracey-Jane Hughes when she was sold a nursing bra that fitted one week, but not the next, despite being fitted by a 'qualified' bra fitter. After researching bra fitting for pregnancy and for breastfeeding, T-J trained at De Montfort University, and was also a volunteer NCT bra fitter and trainer, before having to resign in 2010.

Now having over 6 years specialist bra fitting experience, and as a qualified trainer, bras4mums offer a Royal College of Midwives accredited 
Bra Fitting Awareness Courses for health professionals.
I wish I had know about TJ whilst I was still breast-feeding Sophie, I had a terrible time trying to find bras to fit my gigantic boobs!
I suffered for over 2 years will ill-fitting bras and it really made me suffer and resent feeding, but that being said, I successfully fed Sophie until she was just over 2 years old!!
I cant wait to go to Cybermummy11 i'm certainly hoping I can learn a lot from the experience! 
I'm also very much looking forward to meeting the many friends I have met on twitter and in the blogging world.
also, as part of my sponsorship i'm going to be blogging about post birth/breastfeeding troubles and body images I had and with help from TJ will be showcasing the help and support you can experience from using her service and website.


hot new product from Sophie4Sophie

cowboy hoodie, originally uploaded by sophie4sophie.
check out our latest product!

We will be offering Hoodies with all sorts of appliqued goodness!

ready mades will be on offer in our Etsy Store soon

and of course we will be offering completely customizable hoodies too! :-)

if you are interested in one, please get in touch on hello(at)


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