round up: Sophie4Sophie sales!

>> Tuesday, 23 August 2011

I held a flash sale on Facebook today of all the random stock i found floating about Sophie4Sophie HQ and most of it went in the first 10 mins.. wow!

It got me thinking too, what about my stockists, they all have sales going on at the moment as well.

here is a round up of all the stockists currently having a Sophie4Sophie sale.. see anything you like? grab it quickly before its all gone!

        wow, Juicytots have lots of great Sophie4Sophie on sale right now, lots of skirts and a few dresses too! 

my favorite skirt has to be this one 
currently on sale for £17.99 and only age 5-6 left in stock! 


           they only have ONE dress left in stock! its a gorgeous one too, one of my favorite fabric combos! although this one is at full price, its well worth snapping up! age 9-36 months


Child of Funk:
        Child of Funk have a HUGE Sophie4Sophie sale going on right now, everything is reduced from £13.00

they were the 1st stockist to take on the Sophie4Sophie appliqued hoodies too. Perfect for our upcoming autumn and winter, they have them in age 1-2 all the way through to age 7-8! 
grab them quick before they sell out, especially with these crazy low prices!!!!


Monkey & Bo:
          Monkey & Bo have one dress currently on sale with two available at full price!
the butterfly dress was very popular this year! 


Baby Not Included:
          whilst they have dresses at full price in their new fabric selections, they do still have some of the Sophie4Sophie Kinky Bibs on sale for only £5 each! Woo!
this is my favorite bib right now! so cute!


Baby at Sones UK:
         Baby at Sones have one dress on sale right now, which i must say is absolutely gorgeous! I love the owls fabric and the cute ditsy spots are too cute! 

so there you go! see anything you like?! 


did someone call for a superhero?

>> Tuesday, 16 August 2011

fully lined in cotton stars fabric
big enough to fit from age 3 - 99

awesome enough to run into the wind with..
striking enough so everyone notices you...
Captain America

the capes are a new venture, after a friend asked if I could possibly make some for her son and a friends son's 4th birthday.
 theyre awesome huh!

available in one size fits all

available in
- captain america
- personalised initial of child (superman style logo)
(sample idea of the superman logo)

or any other superhero you can think of!

choose from a wide selection of colours (including pinks!)

available as reversible capes too, just in case your little ones have a split personalities!!!

if interested, please get in touch


CyberMummy meet and greet

>> Tuesday, 21 June 2011

with only 4 sleeps left till CyberMummy11 I thought it might be time I did my meet and greet!

so many of you probably know who I am, but for those who don't.. here you go:

this is me.. a gosh awful picture, but my most recent!
I normally look a lot more "put together" but it was just for the school run! #Excuse!

Name: Natalie 

age: 31 

From: Brighton

I am a: CyberMummy virgin

Business: Sophie4Sophie (clothes brand for 0-7s)
and new business launching 2012 RubiBella - Tailored and Couture clothing for 2-8s

my wonderful ticket Sponsor: Bras4mums

blog: (your on it right now!) Soph4Soph, blogging since 2009 (without much success so far) I try to blog about work related info, family life, issues, and random day though, I will get into the gallery! its brilliant.. (must buy decent camera 1st tho!)

Eye colour: blue, yellow and bronze. theyre speckled and most say "they're the nicest thing about you"

Hair colour: black/brown with crazy ginger/blonde layers... kinda looks like tiger stripes & it rocks!

Height: 5"7 (but almost 6" with some Irregular Choice shoes on!)

likes: colour, fabric, spicy food, being a vegan, molo clothing, big earrings, reading twilight (over & over!) and being a single mum to 4 wonderfully fabulous children (oh and not in this order, haha)

Dislikes: not being able to eat cake, people touching my face, rude and ignorant people, being looked down on as a single parent. 

Outfit: an Exclusive one-off dress designed by me and created by my wonderful sister SophieRubinetta (see her recent London Graduate Fashion Runway show pics here) and Hopefully some gorgeous Irregular Choice shoes

Most excited about meeting: seeing Sian To again, she's the most kindest woman I know and her hugs are awesome. Meeting many of my twitter friends again, as we hardly get to see each other and most importantly, EVERYONE... I really feel like i've got to know so many people over the last year or so and i've never got the opportunity to meet them, until now! yay!

Most hoping to learn from the experience: how to blog properly, how to make posts exciting and enticing to readers.. and also to make more of a business from it. I know I run my own business but I really want to expand and use the wonderful world wide web of mummies & daddies to grow and expand... (is this even possible??)

Most worried about the day: Being left on my own and getting lost... i've been given a free pass for the night from my mum & it will be the 1st EVER night away from my babies.. esp from Sophie, we've never spent a night away from each other and she's so poorly right now I feel guiltier than ever. If you see me on the day, please come by and say "hi" i'm normally a very shy person unless i'm surrounded by people I really know! so will probably feel nervous as heck! 

so there is my little meet and greet! 

please come say hello if you see me & if your interested in buying any sophie4Sophie goodies from me, i'll be offering a 40% discount to anyone who places an order that uses a special "on the day" password when they get in touch after the event!!!! 


Irregular (but only) Choice for CyberMummy

today I took a trip into Brighton to Schuh store to try on the Irregular Choice shoes i've been lusting after FOREVER!

I really have my heart set 2 pairs of their shoes and I really really need to get a pair to wear to CyberMummy

 the Miaow boots are just GORGEOUS, they're lined in pink velvet.. YES velvet & you feel like your walking on pillows (I did only walk about the store, but I could have walked a marathon in these without my feet hurting at all.. EVER)
These would be my safe option, as I could see me wearing these every day on the school run,  out for the night, in bed, in fact anywhere!! 

the OZ cant touch this shoes are totally amazing tho... they are the PERFECT match to my dress which my wonderful sister & fashion designer is making for the occasion!
these too have to be the most comfortable shoes ever... they have super padded soles and even with the sky high heel of 9cms (i've only worn flip flops for the last 4 years!) I feel totally comfortable wearing them! theyre amazing... like so amazing I just wanted to keep looking at myself in the mirror wearing them!

I spoke to the most wonderful sales assistance in the Brighton Schuh store too.
Megan was the nicest person I think i've ever spoken to in a shoe store.. I told her all about my plea to schuh and why I was asking and she thought it was a brilliant idea.. she couldnt see why schuh wouldnt want to help out!! 

I've emailed Schuh again today and i'm really hoping that they can get back to me in time and help me fulfil my dream of wearing Irregular Choice to the biggest UK mummy blogger conference to date.

which shoes do you guys like more??? (if I had the money.. i would buy both NOW!)


Breast-feeding, babies and Bras!

>> Sunday, 19 June 2011

When I found out I was pregnant with my 1st son 10 years ago, I was adamant that I would breastfeed.
I hadn’t ever been around anyone who had breastfed & none of my friends had had babies at this point, but for some reason I just KNEW I wanted to breastfeed.
The midwives I saw where all really supportive, but I honestly had no clue...
When my son was born, he latched on straight away at birth and it was a magical experience, I was helped to feed him and he was a natural!
We went home after 3 days and he breastfed perfectly, we slept together in my bed (following all the guidelines of course) and feeding him whilst laying down was the best thing ever... sometimes I didnt even wake up, he would just latch himself on and i'd wake up to him chomping away happily! 
One of the biggest problems I had with breastfeeding though was finding the right nursing bra. During my pregnancy I wore t-shirt bras, and crop top type bras, but as soon as my milk started to come in, my boobs GREW... like really grew... I went from a DD cup right upto a JJ cup overnight.... 
back then, the internet wasn’t the 1st port of call & even mothercare back then didnt go upto such a large cup size (not even sure they do now tbh!) so I scoured the phone books for local bra shops & found one quite local, so off on the bus I trotted with my baby to hopefully find a bra that would fit me!
I did manage to get a bra, just one, as they were £30 each! YIKES! 
It was the most horrid, rigid, boulder holder bra you'd ever seen, I hated it, but I needed it, so what could I do?
we continued to breastfeed until he was about 6 months old, which he naturally wanted to drink water more often & was more interested in playing that being in my arms all the time, so we progressed onto cup feeds with follow on formula, which is where all the problems started. He developed a severe intolerance to powdered milk, had exorcist projective vomiting which sometime would reach 10 feet away, I kid you not...
He was failing to thrive, developed intolerance to every food I gave him and deteriorated rapidly.
the docs were called out so many times and we spent hours upon days at the surgeries and hosp trying to get to the bottom of this quick deterioration and after months of trying oodles of different drugs and removals of foods from his diet, he eventually started to gain weight and get healthy. He was put on a soya based formula, which worked really well.
He lead a dairy free diet up till he was about 4 years old, which sorted out his poorly tummy and he can now thankfully eat dairy. He does suffer with eczema tho and if he eats too much dairy it flares up really bad, so we have to watch what he eats...
when my 2nd son was born in 2003, I was all up for breastfeeding again and was determined to feed him for as long as possible as I was worried he might have the same intolerances as his brother, which indeed he did, he had much worse eczema.
But, once again, my boobs grew overnight, after having my first son, they did go back down after I gave up feeding him and they stayed about an E/F cup. This time though, they grew upto an LL cup and I was a monster. My boobs were bigger than my head (each boob that is) they were so heavy. Again I trotted off to the local bra shop and tried to buy a bra, but they didnt have any in my size and only ONE bra company made them in the size I needed, so the shop lady ordered me one in and after about a week I got my new nursing bra, it was SO UGLY, I hated this one even more than my 1st one and I could even fit my son in one of the cups... 
He was a breeze to breastfeed, was perfect at it, but the only thing he wouldn’t do was sleep in my bed and feed, he LOVED to have his feeds with a cuddle then was desperate for me to put him down after. I found this extremely exhausting and was desperate for him to just have one night feed in my bed, so I could doze through it with him, but he wouldn’t have any of it!!
I did however have one of those cots which "butted" right up against my bed, so it was easier to put him back into bed!
I continued to feed him until he was about 10 months, after which time he, like his brother, wanted to feed from a cup and play than be stuck in my arms feeding! I naturally put him onto soya based milk like his brother had had, as I was petrified that he would go the same way, but he was brilliant! He never once had the problems his older brother did and he eventually went onto cow’s milk at 12 mths & eating dairy from 16 months!
His eczema was quite bad tho, but the dairy didnt make a jot of difference to it, he still now 8 years on suffers with the eczema but is under control and you hardly remember how bad it used to be with him when he was little.
When I found out I was pregnant with my 3rd son in 2004, I was overjoyed to be able to breastfeed again and very much looked forward to it, but sadly he was born at 27 weeks and was extremely poorly.
I was encouraged to express my milk for him, as they said with premature babies that are born, their mother make an even more unique tailor-made milk that can dramatically help them thrive and survive.
So off me went, hand expressing my milk in the early days trying to get every ml of milk I could... it was really hard too, as i'd never tried to express milk before...
I was told to keep a photo of my son close to me and to look at it whilst expressing as it would help me relax, but it was such an intense and pressured feeling I felt like everything I tried didnt work, I was only producing small quantities and was getting really frustrated.
I had some help from the midwives at the hospital and they got me using one of the expressing machines, it was extremely bizarre and a huge machine, I also had to express both breast at the same time. I didnt like this at all, but for the sake of my son & his health, I persevered and got into a routine, after the 10 days of staying at the hospital in the neonatal unit with him, I was discharged from Hospital (on my birthday too) and sent home with one of the gigantic expressing machines and told to express milk every 2 hours from my boobs, even throughout the night and to store it in the freezer to bring in daily to the hospital for him to have. to start with as he was so small, he didnt actually get to have any of my milk as he was on a special formula for his gestation but the stores of my frozen milk was soon starting to mount up for preparation for when he could start to have it.
Im hazy with the dates, but I think around 30 weeks my milk was introduced into his diet, through a tube directly into his stomach; he began to gain weight brilliantly from it and was tolerating it brilliantly.
The better he got, the more they upped his amounts and soon he was taking in more milk than I was producing! His stores of frozen breast milk were getting thin! I was diligently expressing all the time I could, as I was desperate to help him grow, but after about 3 months of doing so, I began to get really resentful of the expressing machines... I hated them... I felt all I was doing was milking a cow & never spending enough time with my son in the SCBU as expressing was taking longer and longer to get decent amounts and my son was taking in such higher amounts, I wasn’t keeping up.
I told the doctors and nurses about it and they suggested that I tried taking a medicine called motilium (domperidone) which is an anti reflux drug, but one of its side affects is lactation, which helps you produce breast milk... I took the drugs and after a short time, I noticed my milk production was gaining and gaining, I was getting "litres" of milk from each time I expressed and it really gave me the motivation to keep on trying.
Eventually the doctors asked me, that once my son was able to learnt to breastfeed would I like to try and I jumped at the chance, he was using a special dummy to encourage him to suck and after a few weeks, we became natural at breastfeeding! He was doing so brilliantly!
I was so glad that I stuck with the expressing for such a prolonged period of time, without it I feel my son wouldn’t have got the best possible milk for him and he wouldn’t have grown so strong and fought to stay with us. 
Eventually he came home. 
All this time tho, I hadn’t been wearing nursing bras, as he wasn’t with me and I only expressed milk it didnt seem right to wear a nursing bra. It felt wrong, so I’d never thought about buying one. thankfully though, my boobs didnt grow as much as they did with my other 2 sons, im not sure if this had anything to do with the fact I wasn’t actually feeding him and only expressing, but they didnt grow in size at all, I was still wearing my pre pregnancy bras. Even when I was pregnant with my 3rd son, not once did I put on a maternity bra. (I had such saggy skin from where they had grown so HUGE and shrunk after the first two) so I only felt comfortable wearing padded moulded bras (still do now!)
So I thought, what will I wear now he's home? I was so used to not wearing a nursing bra, that I didnt bother, it was difficult when I was out and about feeing him, but I didnt go out that much. At home I don’t like wearing bras so just had on vest top (with support!) and fed like that.
I continued to feed him until he reached about 12 months. At this point, he was spending lots of time with his dad and it became more convenient to bottle feed him. He was bottle fed until he was nearly two; he had very delayed development and was still the age of a one year old at this time.
so fast forward a couple years, I fall pregnant with Sophie and again, want to breastfeed, but this time, she would be my last ever baby and I wanted to make sure I made the most of breastfeeding.
When she was born (by emergency section) she weighed a whopping 10lb 6oz!
They thought I might have had gestational diabetes and wanted to take her away for checks, but thankfully she didnt.
I tried breastfeeding her as soon as I was able, but I had a really bad reaction after the section and was on super heavy pain killers and found doing anything other than sleeping agony. Sophie was a really hungry baby too and she was demand feeding every hour or less... it was a constant.
In hospital, I was able to feed her lying on my side, which was easier on my tummy, but hard to pick her back up and wind... 
we had to stay in hospital for 10 days as I was so poorly, but I persevered with feeding her and she wasn’t bottle fed once, even though I was getting to a point of thinking, I've breastfed 3 babies already, I don’t "HAVE" to feed her to prove anything, but really I did. I had to give her the best start in life, as this was given to her brothers, why should she not have the same start.
I found doing anything with her difficult, so we ended up just staying in bed all day whilst shipping the kids to and fro from school in taxis. We just fed and fed and fed and fed and did nothing else, she was such a hungry baby.
my boobs started growing again, which im sure is down to her never getting off them and they grew all the way back up to a LL cup *sigh* 
BUT thankfully this time around, the internet was awash with websites selling millions of bras, but only a couple went up big enough for my huge bazookas! 
The only website at the time that had a bra that fit me was bravissimo and it was again, a very boring bra. But that’s all I could wear.
Sophie continued to be a super feeder and was constantly on my boobs. We couldn’t go anywhere without her needing a feed and I was always finding myself in a random place trying to conveniently feed her!
Up until she was about a year old, I did this, but I soon got fed up, I had fed her for as long as I think possible, but she didn’t want me to give up. I planned all along that if I continued to feed, I would want to give up at a year, like I had with the other boys. 
I stopped wearing nursing bras and went back to wearing my moulded cup bras and thought that this would deter Sophie from getting a hold of them (she knew how to undo the clips on my nursing bra and used to GRAB hold of them if she was hungry!)
I delayed weaning sophie too, It wasn’t until she was about 9/10 months before I introduced her completely to foods, we used the baby led weaning way of feeding which suited her completely, I didnt forbid her any food that we ate and I never pureed or squished anything, I just gave her what we had and she ate it!
BUT, she still wanted my milk... I managed to get her down to a couple feeds during the day, by making it extremely hard for her to get to them! But also, I did love the bond of feeding, so at night-time she had as much as she liked.
With not wearing a nursing bra tho, it became super awkward to feed her (see this post on what I found to help me!)
Eventually just before after her 2nd birthday I managed to get her to stop feeding from me, I found the bigger she got (at 2 years old she looked like a 3/4 year old) the more stares and "looks" I got from people if I fed her. I had done above and beyond my best for her; the bond we did share though was amazing and im so glad that with my last baby I managed to give her the super duper best start in life! Even if slightly begrudgingly!!!! 

I wish when I had started to breast feed by boobs had been super smaller, as it would have made buying bras a lot more interesting and easier and also, If the internet & wealth of information had been readily about I might have had an easier time with my 1st son's problems.. 
But thankfully for all you guys who are pregnant or are feeding already, there are so many support networks, websites and online stores willing and ready to help you out.

My sponsor for CyberMummy this year is a wonderful lady, T-J. she runs a few websites, a blog and has a wealth of information for all you wonderful mums & mums to be!

have a look at some of them & i'm sure you'll find some support, advice or even a gorgeous BIG busty bra!! LOL (maternity & nursing bras & underwear + other supportive goodies!)  (which specialises in mastectomy and post-surgery bras)
and her blog


UPDATED: will I look like "me" at CyberMummy? a polite begging post to Schuh for sponsorship!

>> Wednesday, 15 June 2011

now that CyberMummy is swiftly approaching, I'm beginning to get worried that i wont be ready in time and one of the biggest worries i have it WHAT TO WEAR???

this will be the 1st time ever since my 4 children have been born that i will without them for the whole day, surrounded by hundreds if not thousands of amazing mums (a few dads i think too) and feeling very vulnerable and cautious. 

normally I hide behind the children, under the guise that if anyone even notices me, they'll just think I'm a frumpy mum and not really care, but at CyberMummy, i'll be an independent women, who's successfully started up and is running a brilliant business and i need to look the part!

years ago, I would have been a trend setter, wearing the most outrageous and crazy clothing and I never gave a damn to what anyone thought.. I was ballsy and i loved it..

but the woman I am today though is very different, my body has changed shapes more times than I care to think about and I cant get away with what i'd like to anymore.

BUT, hopefully this is all about to change! I've been working on a dress to wear to CyberMummy, its subtle, but very cool and I'm hoping that I will rock in it! :-)
Its also got a slight hint of my sisters recent Catwalk collection for London Graduate Fashion Week!

The only thing I am missing to my outfit though is shoes..... I NEED some shoes... 
I've been hunting and hunting online for shoes that will compliment my dress and also that make a statement that reflects "me" and the ONLY brand that will do is Irregular Choice

Irregular choice have the MOST AMAZING shoes, boots, flats EVER! they have so much depth and creativity they just make any woman who wears them melt  or just dance with giddiness as they're just SO DARN AMAZING! (this is figuratively speaking as i've never had a chance to wear a pair)

I really really need a pair for CyberMummy and i've found many a few pairs which will really really go with my dress.. 

any of these would complete my outfit

So, now I know what shoes I would like, the real problems begin.. I have no spare money... I've been begging my mum for the last few weeks and it's not looking in my favour.
I NEED SOME IRREGULAR CHOICE SHOES! or else I'm wearing my worn out flipflops

I would drop at my knees if Irregular Choice or maybe one of their stockists could become my fairy godmother and could sponsor this "fallen" princess to get to the ball in ultimate style....

I would be the most ever grateful and enthusiastic sponsor ever.. I would spend the entire day tweeting and blogging about how the shoes are doing with me on the long journey from Brighton to London (on public transport) and for the whole time I am at the conference. I would post pictures of how fab they look and how perfect they complete my outfit!
I would even go on the hunt and search out other Irregular Choice shoe wearers at CyberMummy and If i had permission, would snap away at their stylish feet!

now I've said all this, I would like to say, I have never ever ever thought of seeking sponsorship like this ever... and I've never ever asked someone to help me, but I seriously need any of these shoes!

If Irregular Choice could help me with my quest, I would be indebted to them Forever and would do anything, anything, anything in return! 

I'm emailing the PR for the company now... everyone... Cross you fingers & toes for me!
keep tweeting #IrregularChoiceNeedToSponsorSoph4SophforCyberMummy
and hopefully I will have the best dressed feet in London on the 25th! 

the wonderful people at Irregular Choice have been in touch, but unfortunately they're unable to help on this occasion as all their press release shoes are off to a Charity Gala in London and wont be back in Brighton on time for CyberMummy... 

But Fear not.... I've now contacted the wonderful people at Schuh to see if they can help... 
Schuh are the biggest online & highstreet shoe seller EVER!

they have the best shoes too and even exclusive Irregular Choice shoes... they're all so mega lush!

Today I went into their Brighton store and *metaphorically* drooled all over them...

I'm keeping all my fingers & toes crossed that maybe they can help me.... 

and in return, I will and would do ANYTHING In return! 


Review: B Record Plus: a new energy drink for (not just) mums!

>> Tuesday, 14 June 2011

about a week ago, I saw a post on the british mummy blogging network by Karin from @cafebebe asking for people who might be interested in a new energy drink/food supplement that came onto the UK market on the 8th June this year

I turned vegan almost a year ago now after reading the book Skinny Bitch, as someone who suffers from major food phobias, this was a real eye opener & I'm so grateful I found it!
but the one thing the book did turn me against as well as meat/dairy was caffeine, I had been a heavy diet coke/coffee drinker for years and heavily relied on it to keep me going throughout the day & to keep pace with the kids! but since giving it up, i've never had that feeling of "added" energy!
I've felt amazing for giving up the "junk" tho and my headaches have become more tolerable, I noticed I was sleeping so much better too, but without my boost of caffeine every day I felt like something was missing. I looked at lots of the "energy" drinks on the market, but all of them contained some crazy ingredients or lots of sugar & I wasn't about to start drinking them, another thing was that they would give me HUGE energy spikes & rushes that would make me feel even worse once they'd worn off, so I didn't drink anything.. 

but seeing this new drink advertised on the BMB network, I read the ingredients, re-read the ingredients and was impressed to see that none of the nasty ingredients that the other energy drinks contained were present! an added bonus to the drinks were the added vitamin B12. as a vegan, getting enough B12 into your diet can be tricky (especially if your not always very good at eating all the right GOOD foods!!!) so was thinking YAY! an easier more lazy way to get my intake!

here is the jargon from the company about the drinks/supplements:
B Record Plus is a liquid food supplement that’s been developed by international pharmaceutical company sigma-tau to provide sustained intellectual and physical energy for run down people.
It has been developed using established data; has a sustained effect (unlike other temporary boost energy drinks), has no caffeine and is made from naturally occurring substances including:

·         Vitamin B12
·         Four amino acids - L-Glutamine, L-Serine, L-Theorine and L-Arginine
·         L-Carnitine

B Record Plus reaches its full potential within 2-3 days and it’s recommended that you take it for ten days, though you can take it for as long as you like.

It’s recommended for people who need an extra energy boost and is ideal for:

·         Busy mums
·         Mothers recovering from having a baby
·         People moving house
·         People sitting exams
·         People recovering from an injury
·         Business people working under intense pressure

It’s also suitable for people over 12 years of age.

It can be bought from our website at with ten days of the supplement being sold for £12.99 - still cheaper then having a Red Bull or a latte a day!

How B Record Plus works

B Record Plus aids your body’s metabolism. Metabolism is a set of chemical reactions that occur in our cells needed to maintain life.

Metabolic processes are important for the release and storage of energy and for the reproduction and repair of cells.

The rate of recovery and the ability of a body to repair itself is related to the speed and efficiency of the body’s metabolic processes. For metabolic processes to be at the best, a body needs the right amount of micronutrients.

B Record Plus is a specific balance of micronutrients developed using more than 60 years of knowledge of how the body works and what affects it.

Metabolic processes can be slowed down by not having enough micronutrients by the following factors:

·         Reduced intake of nutrients due to poor diet
·         Ageing – which reduces the efficiency of your metabolism and the absorbtion of micronutrients
·         Disease – which results in oxidative stress caused by the body’s response to disease conditions
·         Increased demand due to periods of high energy need, i.e. exercise, convalescence and periods of stress

As a result our bodies during these periods crave more micronutrients than they can get through a normal balanced diet. B Record Plus helps to top them up.

Here’s how each ingredient in each bottle of B Record Plus helps to give you sustainable energy.

Amount in each bottle
Optimises metabolic activity to increase energy supply.
Plays a fundamental role transporting long-chain fatty acids into the mitochondria where they can be used to make energy.
L-Arginine HCL
Participates in the synthesis of creatine, an important energy substrate for muscle contraction.
Plays an important role in energy production and protein metabolism.  Essential for cellular metabolism in central nervous system.
Especially important to proper functioning of the brain and central nervous system by serving at substrates for the formation of neurotransmitters L-Serine is an amino acid  required for fat metabolism , neuronal  membrane function and cell to cell communication.
Essential amino acid especially important to proper functioning of the brain and central nervous system. Precursor for neurotransmitter glycine
Hydroxicobalmin (vit B12)
Favours fats, carbohydrates and amino-acid metabolism . It supports blood formation. Protects nerves.

B Record Plus comes in packs of ten bottles that you take one a day. You just twist off the cap, shake it and drink it.

The best time to use it is before breakfast on an empty stomach and the minimum time to take it is about ten days, though it will start working after two or three days. There’s nothing to stop you continuing to take it.

B Record Plus, which is currently on sale across Europe and the US, was launched on June 8th in the UK with Nell McAndrew, who was also the first person here to try it.


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