CyberMummy meet and greet

>> Tuesday, 21 June 2011

with only 4 sleeps left till CyberMummy11 I thought it might be time I did my meet and greet!

so many of you probably know who I am, but for those who don't.. here you go:

this is me.. a gosh awful picture, but my most recent!
I normally look a lot more "put together" but it was just for the school run! #Excuse!

Name: Natalie 

age: 31 

From: Brighton

I am a: CyberMummy virgin

Business: Sophie4Sophie (clothes brand for 0-7s)
and new business launching 2012 RubiBella - Tailored and Couture clothing for 2-8s

my wonderful ticket Sponsor: Bras4mums

blog: (your on it right now!) Soph4Soph, blogging since 2009 (without much success so far) I try to blog about work related info, family life, issues, and random day though, I will get into the gallery! its brilliant.. (must buy decent camera 1st tho!)

Eye colour: blue, yellow and bronze. theyre speckled and most say "they're the nicest thing about you"

Hair colour: black/brown with crazy ginger/blonde layers... kinda looks like tiger stripes & it rocks!

Height: 5"7 (but almost 6" with some Irregular Choice shoes on!)

likes: colour, fabric, spicy food, being a vegan, molo clothing, big earrings, reading twilight (over & over!) and being a single mum to 4 wonderfully fabulous children (oh and not in this order, haha)

Dislikes: not being able to eat cake, people touching my face, rude and ignorant people, being looked down on as a single parent. 

Outfit: an Exclusive one-off dress designed by me and created by my wonderful sister SophieRubinetta (see her recent London Graduate Fashion Runway show pics here) and Hopefully some gorgeous Irregular Choice shoes

Most excited about meeting: seeing Sian To again, she's the most kindest woman I know and her hugs are awesome. Meeting many of my twitter friends again, as we hardly get to see each other and most importantly, EVERYONE... I really feel like i've got to know so many people over the last year or so and i've never got the opportunity to meet them, until now! yay!

Most hoping to learn from the experience: how to blog properly, how to make posts exciting and enticing to readers.. and also to make more of a business from it. I know I run my own business but I really want to expand and use the wonderful world wide web of mummies & daddies to grow and expand... (is this even possible??)

Most worried about the day: Being left on my own and getting lost... i've been given a free pass for the night from my mum & it will be the 1st EVER night away from my babies.. esp from Sophie, we've never spent a night away from each other and she's so poorly right now I feel guiltier than ever. If you see me on the day, please come by and say "hi" i'm normally a very shy person unless i'm surrounded by people I really know! so will probably feel nervous as heck! 

so there is my little meet and greet! 

please come say hello if you see me & if your interested in buying any sophie4Sophie goodies from me, i'll be offering a 40% discount to anyone who places an order that uses a special "on the day" password when they get in touch after the event!!!! 


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