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>> Tuesday, 21 June 2011

today I took a trip into Brighton to Schuh store to try on the Irregular Choice shoes i've been lusting after FOREVER!

I really have my heart set 2 pairs of their shoes and I really really need to get a pair to wear to CyberMummy

 the Miaow boots are just GORGEOUS, they're lined in pink velvet.. YES velvet & you feel like your walking on pillows (I did only walk about the store, but I could have walked a marathon in these without my feet hurting at all.. EVER)
These would be my safe option, as I could see me wearing these every day on the school run,  out for the night, in bed, in fact anywhere!! 

the OZ cant touch this shoes are totally amazing tho... they are the PERFECT match to my dress which my wonderful sister & fashion designer is making for the occasion!
these too have to be the most comfortable shoes ever... they have super padded soles and even with the sky high heel of 9cms (i've only worn flip flops for the last 4 years!) I feel totally comfortable wearing them! theyre amazing... like so amazing I just wanted to keep looking at myself in the mirror wearing them!

I spoke to the most wonderful sales assistance in the Brighton Schuh store too.
Megan was the nicest person I think i've ever spoken to in a shoe store.. I told her all about my plea to schuh and why I was asking and she thought it was a brilliant idea.. she couldnt see why schuh wouldnt want to help out!! 

I've emailed Schuh again today and i'm really hoping that they can get back to me in time and help me fulfil my dream of wearing Irregular Choice to the biggest UK mummy blogger conference to date.

which shoes do you guys like more??? (if I had the money.. i would buy both NOW!)


Alice 21 June 2011 at 12:52  

Have you tried contacting Irregular Choice directly? I've always found them very helpful! They're on Twitter here!/irregularchoice and their blog is at (and contact page here!

Soph4Soph 21 June 2011 at 12:56  

Hi Alice, Yes, I have already been in touch with the PR for Irregular Choice, they're unable to help me with a pair of shoes as all their "loan" shoes are off to a charity gala in London at the same time as CyberMummy :-(
See my previous post on my plea to them!!!!!
thank you SO much for the comment tho & for trying to help!!! :-)

TheAlice 22 June 2011 at 02:38  

Ohhh rubbish :(

I am sure you will look gorgeous anyway and I salute you for potentially wearing heels! I am trying to decide between flats and heels for Saturday, I think I will end up with the safer option of flats.

I will be keeping my fingers crossed that a fairy Schuh-mother comes through for you in time for Cybermummy xx

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