UPDATED: will I look like "me" at CyberMummy? a polite begging post to Schuh for sponsorship!

>> Wednesday, 15 June 2011

now that CyberMummy is swiftly approaching, I'm beginning to get worried that i wont be ready in time and one of the biggest worries i have it WHAT TO WEAR???

this will be the 1st time ever since my 4 children have been born that i will without them for the whole day, surrounded by hundreds if not thousands of amazing mums (a few dads i think too) and feeling very vulnerable and cautious. 

normally I hide behind the children, under the guise that if anyone even notices me, they'll just think I'm a frumpy mum and not really care, but at CyberMummy, i'll be an independent women, who's successfully started up and is running a brilliant business and i need to look the part!

years ago, I would have been a trend setter, wearing the most outrageous and crazy clothing and I never gave a damn to what anyone thought.. I was ballsy and i loved it..

but the woman I am today though is very different, my body has changed shapes more times than I care to think about and I cant get away with what i'd like to anymore.

BUT, hopefully this is all about to change! I've been working on a dress to wear to CyberMummy, its subtle, but very cool and I'm hoping that I will rock in it! :-)
Its also got a slight hint of my sisters recent Catwalk collection for London Graduate Fashion Week!

The only thing I am missing to my outfit though is shoes..... I NEED some shoes... 
I've been hunting and hunting online for shoes that will compliment my dress and also that make a statement that reflects "me" and the ONLY brand that will do is Irregular Choice

Irregular choice have the MOST AMAZING shoes, boots, flats EVER! they have so much depth and creativity they just make any woman who wears them melt  or just dance with giddiness as they're just SO DARN AMAZING! (this is figuratively speaking as i've never had a chance to wear a pair)

I really really need a pair for CyberMummy and i've found many a few pairs which will really really go with my dress.. 

any of these would complete my outfit

So, now I know what shoes I would like, the real problems begin.. I have no spare money... I've been begging my mum for the last few weeks and it's not looking in my favour.
I NEED SOME IRREGULAR CHOICE SHOES! or else I'm wearing my worn out flipflops

I would drop at my knees if Irregular Choice or maybe one of their stockists could become my fairy godmother and could sponsor this "fallen" princess to get to the ball in ultimate style....

I would be the most ever grateful and enthusiastic sponsor ever.. I would spend the entire day tweeting and blogging about how the shoes are doing with me on the long journey from Brighton to London (on public transport) and for the whole time I am at the conference. I would post pictures of how fab they look and how perfect they complete my outfit!
I would even go on the hunt and search out other Irregular Choice shoe wearers at CyberMummy and If i had permission, would snap away at their stylish feet!

now I've said all this, I would like to say, I have never ever ever thought of seeking sponsorship like this ever... and I've never ever asked someone to help me, but I seriously need any of these shoes!

If Irregular Choice could help me with my quest, I would be indebted to them Forever and would do anything, anything, anything in return! 

I'm emailing the PR for the company now... everyone... Cross you fingers & toes for me!
keep tweeting #IrregularChoiceNeedToSponsorSoph4SophforCyberMummy
and hopefully I will have the best dressed feet in London on the 25th! 

the wonderful people at Irregular Choice have been in touch, but unfortunately they're unable to help on this occasion as all their press release shoes are off to a Charity Gala in London and wont be back in Brighton on time for CyberMummy... 

But Fear not.... I've now contacted the wonderful people at Schuh to see if they can help... 
Schuh are the biggest online & highstreet shoe seller EVER!

they have the best shoes too and even exclusive Irregular Choice shoes... they're all so mega lush!

Today I went into their Brighton store and *metaphorically* drooled all over them...

I'm keeping all my fingers & toes crossed that maybe they can help me.... 

and in return, I will and would do ANYTHING In return! 


Lisa 15 June 2011 at 14:41  

Good luck. Will keep my fingers crossed for you x

Anonymous,  15 June 2011 at 14:43  

Oh Nat, good luck! #IrregularChoiceNeedToSponsorSoph4SophforCyberMummy
I would hate you to be in your worn out old flip flops!

AND i love the skirt Soph's made!

Cassie,  15 June 2011 at 15:26  

good luck- anyone that follows you on twitter knows how into fashion you are - they would be a perfect sponsor! I like top two pairs the best x

Karen Jones 16 June 2011 at 02:42  

Wow! what totally knockout shoes. I Would have no problem recognising you in a pair of these shoes.
Hope they come back and make your dreams come true sweetie. I know what a hard working mummy you are.
You deserve to go to the ball in style xx

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