Silent Sunday

>> Sunday, 24 April 2011

Silent Sunday


say "hello" to.... RubiBella

>> Friday, 22 April 2011

the other day I mentioned that my sister Sophie & I were working on a new clothing label which we will launch in 2012.. RubiBella 

its a mix of my sister's & my daughter Sophie's name again, but this time its their middle names we've played with!!

my sister Sophie's middle name is "Rubinetta" after our dad's sister, and my daughter Sophie's middle name is "Isabella"* named after Big Sophie's twin "Isabel" 
(*at home we call little Sophie "bella")

we've been working on the 1st collection which will be available for AW12 and its really starting to look good.

but one thing we didn't have was a logo, so today playing about with some ideas, I came up with this:

I haven't shown my sister yet, but I'm sure she'll like it! but if not, we will rework it! but it will be something similar to this, and will be vertical!

I've also set up a facebook page, bought the domain names &
Hopefully we can get a website made up soon, with some information on! 

I'm also going to be sending off for some sample labels, tags & things soon too.. its so exciting! 

so watch out for more updates, as i'll be showing exclusive snippets of the line here before anywhere else! :-)

Hope everyone's enjoying their Easter break.. 



Labour Of Love

>> Tuesday, 19 April 2011

yesterday I spoke about the new Booty Bow knickers that I made, and that I was planning on making some Ruffle ones too!

Well today, after I had finished work, I started on the design for them (I do all my pattern making in my head!) 

they took me over 4 hours to complete, but i'm so glad that I finished them, I LOVE them! even as I was cutting the fabrics out I was excited about them as I knew they'd be amazing... and GUESS WHAT... they are!


back View
side View
front view

what do you all think???


Big Bow Beauties

>> Monday, 18 April 2011

I've been super busy this weekend with wholesale orders and trying to play catch up, but i've also been thinking of new things to make Sophie4Sophie bigger & better!

I have a few new dress designs i'm working on for AW12 and one for this summer, but also, I wanted to make some super funky pants (like nappy covers) for Soph to wear with the new summer dress i've designed and as i'm a super impatient person, I had to try making the pants straight away!

I asked *big* Sophie to come up and help me out, as she's been working on her final collection for London Graduate Fashion Week (she was one of the *chosen* 12 out of her entire Uni! go Sophie!!) 
Soph's collection heavily features Bows and oversized details

here's a couple of pics of from her recent photoshoot session

back shot of her 3D embossed Bow Jacket
line up of some of her collection

i'm loving it so much! The jacket in the top picture will hopefully be available next AW for kids under our new Label* (*watch this space!)

So the funky pants... big Soph helped with the bow design and I got them sewn up! 
in no time at all they were created! and here they are.....

what do you all think?
this is the back view

they are ONE SIZE which fits from 6-9 months upto 3 years (Soph is 3 but wears age 4/5 clothing and they were a bit tight on her *sigh*)

they'll be available early next month on Etsy & Facebook, or Drop me an email! custom Requests super welcome! 

also, I will be working on a Ruffle bum version soon too, so keep an eye out for them too!


Puzzle Pants

>> Saturday, 2 April 2011

Newly added to the Sophie4Sophie Etsy store! Puzzle pants!

gorgeous and brightly coloured pants made using the best fabric, it was a one off find in a local haberhashery shop and I had to buy it! 

the fabric is super stretchy and has an almost terry backing to the jersey, so perfect for this spring weather.

what do you all think of this fabric??! 


Stockist Showcase - Juicytots

>> Friday, 1 April 2011

one of my new years resolutions was to make sure I highlighted and showcased all my wonderful stockists.

They really are the most wonderful people who have taken their money and invested in me! without their support and enthusiasm for Sophie4Sophie I dont think the brand would still be around! 

anyways, Today I would like to show off .......................

back when Sophie4Sophie was brand new & I had only just worked out how to Use facebook, Abby (the owner of juicytots) found me and was instantly in love with the dresses I was making. She asked me about wholesale and I didnt have a clue!!! So with her help, we worked out some terms and conditions, (which still to this day I use for everyone) and I started to supply her with her own custom chosen dresses!
Abby had such interest for the dresses that they soon sold out, and also, she had a swarm of questions asking for larger sizes, so together we worked out the larger sized 4-7 years dress, with her own daughter being the tester! it only took a couple of samples to get it perfect!!!
Fast Forward a year or so.... and we're still working together! we've put together a couple of exclusive lines (which include the gorgeous minky blankets) she's been the best stockist I've ever had, selling out of nearly everything within weeks of putting it online!
the newest addition to the Sophie4Sophie line were the Circle Skirts and once again, it was conversations with Abby which brought me to making them.. and as a huge thank you, Juicytots became the Exclusive stockist for the skirts!!
The skirts are amazing, they're Full Circles and makes any little girl who wears them to twirl and swirl around with delight! 
Juicytots currently have 4 designs on offer, but with background chatter going on, you'll soon have many more to choose from!

I really admire Abby, she's a hard working mum of 3 and from the ground up, she has built herself a wonderful online store selling amazing and wonderful delights for everyone. 

I can honestly say, I spend WAY too much money on things from her store and I'm never lost for a gift idea when browsing online. Delivery has always been quick and everything packaged with the upmost care.

if you're new to Juicytots, why not head on over and check out the delights on offer.. and if you place your 1st order use the discount code "WELCOME" to get 10% off!

but even better, If you place an order for anything from the Sophie4Sophie collection, you can use the discount code "SOPHIE15" and you'll receive 15% off! but this only applies to Sophie4Sophie goodies!

I'd like to say a HUGE thank you to Abby, i've never really told her how much she means to me, without her support and enthusiasm in the early days I never would have started Sophie4Sophie wholesale and I would definitely wouldn't be where I am today. So THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU ABBY! you are truly a wonderful friend. I owe you many drinks when we finally meet up!!!!!! 

Next Stockist showcase coming up - LoveitLoveitLoveit 


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