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>> Friday, 1 April 2011

one of my new years resolutions was to make sure I highlighted and showcased all my wonderful stockists.

They really are the most wonderful people who have taken their money and invested in me! without their support and enthusiasm for Sophie4Sophie I dont think the brand would still be around! 

anyways, Today I would like to show off .......................

back when Sophie4Sophie was brand new & I had only just worked out how to Use facebook, Abby (the owner of juicytots) found me and was instantly in love with the dresses I was making. She asked me about wholesale and I didnt have a clue!!! So with her help, we worked out some terms and conditions, (which still to this day I use for everyone) and I started to supply her with her own custom chosen dresses!
Abby had such interest for the dresses that they soon sold out, and also, she had a swarm of questions asking for larger sizes, so together we worked out the larger sized 4-7 years dress, with her own daughter being the tester! it only took a couple of samples to get it perfect!!!
Fast Forward a year or so.... and we're still working together! we've put together a couple of exclusive lines (which include the gorgeous minky blankets) she's been the best stockist I've ever had, selling out of nearly everything within weeks of putting it online!
the newest addition to the Sophie4Sophie line were the Circle Skirts and once again, it was conversations with Abby which brought me to making them.. and as a huge thank you, Juicytots became the Exclusive stockist for the skirts!!
The skirts are amazing, they're Full Circles and makes any little girl who wears them to twirl and swirl around with delight! 
Juicytots currently have 4 designs on offer, but with background chatter going on, you'll soon have many more to choose from!

I really admire Abby, she's a hard working mum of 3 and from the ground up, she has built herself a wonderful online store selling amazing and wonderful delights for everyone. 

I can honestly say, I spend WAY too much money on things from her store and I'm never lost for a gift idea when browsing online. Delivery has always been quick and everything packaged with the upmost care.

if you're new to Juicytots, why not head on over and check out the delights on offer.. and if you place your 1st order use the discount code "WELCOME" to get 10% off!

but even better, If you place an order for anything from the Sophie4Sophie collection, you can use the discount code "SOPHIE15" and you'll receive 15% off! but this only applies to Sophie4Sophie goodies!

I'd like to say a HUGE thank you to Abby, i've never really told her how much she means to me, without her support and enthusiasm in the early days I never would have started Sophie4Sophie wholesale and I would definitely wouldn't be where I am today. So THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU ABBY! you are truly a wonderful friend. I owe you many drinks when we finally meet up!!!!!! 

Next Stockist showcase coming up - LoveitLoveitLoveit 


Abby 2 April 2011 at 09:12  

Thanks Natalie for your kind words, I've really enjoyed working with you too. Its nice to have products which are a bit different. We are all massive S4S fans in this house!

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