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>> Friday, 22 April 2011

the other day I mentioned that my sister Sophie & I were working on a new clothing label which we will launch in 2012.. RubiBella 

its a mix of my sister's & my daughter Sophie's name again, but this time its their middle names we've played with!!

my sister Sophie's middle name is "Rubinetta" after our dad's sister, and my daughter Sophie's middle name is "Isabella"* named after Big Sophie's twin "Isabel" 
(*at home we call little Sophie "bella")

we've been working on the 1st collection which will be available for AW12 and its really starting to look good.

but one thing we didn't have was a logo, so today playing about with some ideas, I came up with this:

I haven't shown my sister yet, but I'm sure she'll like it! but if not, we will rework it! but it will be something similar to this, and will be vertical!

I've also set up a facebook page, bought the domain names &
Hopefully we can get a website made up soon, with some information on! 

I'm also going to be sending off for some sample labels, tags & things soon too.. its so exciting! 

so watch out for more updates, as i'll be showing exclusive snippets of the line here before anywhere else! :-)

Hope everyone's enjoying their Easter break.. 



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