Mamascarf.... The Toddler Review!

>> Wednesday, 19 August 2009

A while ago.. I stopped wearing nursing bras.
I am still breastfeeding, but I was FED up of wearing the awful HUGE uncomfortable nursing bras available (FYI.. I wear a 34LL cup!)
I've never been shy of feeding, but now that I have stopped wearing nursing bras, feeding Sophie has become a tad more difficult! especially whilst out and about..
I've bought myself some moulded cup shape bras and when I want to feed I have to Yank my boob out, over my top/dress and have a FULL on naked 'boob' view!
I've tried wearing cardigans/shrugs to keep my modesty, but with the super unpredictable weather.. I was often forgetting to take one out wth me! also, I have tried using blankets, but Sophie wasn't too keen on these as she preferred to be snuggled up with them.. not having them over her head!

Then I noticed @mamascarf on twitter, I had a look at the website and was Super impressed!!! It was the answer to my needs!!
normally people who buy mamascarf buy at birth or within the first 3 months, Sophie is 21 months old! Would the mamascarf work on a toddler? as most babies being fed using a mamascarf, at the age of 21 months would be used to being fed this way!

I contacted Keira at Mamascarf and asked if i could try out the mamascarf on Sophie!
the scarf arrived the next day.. wow! instantly I had to try it out! the fabric is amazing, I love the tactile texture of the nobbles!!! Sophie loves twiddling it in her fingers!

the design is so simple, by following the instant & super easy instructions, I was adorning the mamascarf and offering Sophie a feed!!She loved it! normally Sophie's a right wiggler when feeding, she loves being nosey and it drives me crazy! but inside the mamascarf she was great, she focused on feeding and became very settled and calm!

another fabulous thing about the mamascarf is the size.. a newborn baby can fit completely inside the scarf! Sophie is HUGE for 21 months, but even so, her head and whole upper body fit inside the mamascarf, which took a lot of her weight off my arms! YAY! (but please note.. mamascarf is NOT designed to carry a baby)

We've been using the scarf at home, especially when my sister's new boyfriend has come round (i think he'd run away crying if he saw my huge boobs!!) and we've taken it out with us everywhere we've been!

On Tuesday this week, we took a trip up to London and Sophie was hungry on the train going up! within seconds I was wearing the mamascarf and feeding Sophie with no one around me any the wiser!! it was fab! Also whilst eating our dinner in Ikea I fed Sophie and no one knew what i was doing! it was fabulous!

the fabric is very lightweight and doesn't take up any space in your bag! but also... if you want to, you can wear the mamascarf as a scarf! it looks very stylish, I can see me using it way after I've stopped feeding!!

it washes at 30 degrees in the washing machine, and as its such a lightweight fabric, it dries super quickly!! less than 2 hours in the South-east sunshine.. amazing!

I would definitely recommend the mamascarf to all breastfeeding mummies! had I known about it when Sophie was born, it would have been my 1st purchase, but even now at 21 months old.. its still a wise investment!

The mamascarf comes in 3 different colours, Blue chambray, Black & White! (I received the black one!)it also features a cute little corner pocket in the centre bottom point, which is fab for keeping a spare breast pad in OR as Sophie prefers, a toy!!

You can order the mamascarf directly from their website, its priced at an amazingly reasonable £15.99 (+ £1.95 for P&P in UK!)

(I received my mamascarf for free, in return for a unbiased, toddler/mother feeding view to using the mamascarf)

I'm so glad I had this opportunity as its probably the best breastfeeding aid I've ever used!!

Thank you for letting me review for you mamascarf! Here a few pics of us using the mamascarf!!!


sprmama 20 August 2009 at 14:58  

Love it! When I have my next baby, I'll make sure to keep Mamascarf in mind. Thanks, Nat!

clareybabble 29 August 2009 at 16:09  

I am so impressed that you are still feeding at 21 mths!! My Baby B is 13 mths and has weaned herself down to 2 feeds a day, not interested during the day any more!! Wish I had a reason to buy one of these x

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