New Year, New Products and New Competitions

>> Sunday, 20 February 2011

this week I have been trying really hard to get back into the swing of things, I've found the last few months difficult due to a few reasons, but now i'm out of my "funk" and i'm ready to get Funky!!

I've been working on some new products too, one of which I mentioned yesterday, The hoodies.. they're so super cool! 

Look out for them in my Etsy Shop soon! 

another product i've been working on is about to released soon too, Take a look at the picture to the side.. its a sneak peek!

now, this new product is only going to be available from one of my Stockists!
exciting huh!

to enter the competiton, please have a look through the stockist list and pick who you think it is, have a guess as to what the new product is and put your answers to both Questions in the comments below.

the competition is open from now till next saturday (26th - 6pm UK TIME)

everyone who guesses correctly will be given a number starting with 1, and so on, and when the competition closes these numbers will be put into to create a winner.

the winner will win a £25 gift voucher to be used against anything in my new Esty shop which should hopefully be open on the 28th February! 


Anonymous,  20 February 2011 at 09:03  

Juicy tots, skirt :)
Emma - Hair Garage

Anonymous,  20 February 2011 at 10:32  

Juicytots xx

kat 21 February 2011 at 09:31  

I think a skirt and Juicy Tots

SuperluckyDi 23 February 2011 at 15:44  

Blimey, this is one difficult competition!!
I guess and it's a duffel bag! x

Linda 24 February 2011 at 01:27  

I think it's and it's a funky top!

Anonymous,  24 February 2011 at 01:31  

I think it will be All About The Boys and will be Boys T-shirts (Loving the new hoodies btw)

Marzena 25 February 2011 at 02:24  

I think it's full circle skirt.


Laura Williams,  25 February 2011 at 02:39  

Stockist - juicy tots
Product- skirt

Medsdemon 25 February 2011 at 03:26  

What ever it is I love the owl print fabric.
Okay my guess will have to be some kind of skirt or dress, you say it's a new product so maybe a new style sundress with a tiered skirt?? Stockist probaly Juicy Tots. That's so hard but whatever i'll be searching it out when it goes on sale for a present for my little niece!!

Kathryn MacKinnon 25 February 2011 at 05:42  

Stockist - Sones
Product - Nursery bag

peonies76 25 February 2011 at 06:39  

Juicy tots skirt!


Anonymous,  25 February 2011 at 11:00  

Forgot to add "Full circle skirt" to my original entry on 20th Feb!!

lorna.peppiatt 25 February 2011 at 15:19  

That was fun, and am still not sure. I think it is juicytots and it's a skirt.
Fab giveaway :) x

'Cross the Pond 26 February 2011 at 03:27  

I've pored over the stocklists and I'm guessing that this is is a tiered skirt or dress and it looks like Juicytots. @xcrossthepond

Ellie Aindow,  26 February 2011 at 03:53  

Juicytots and the product is skirts :)

Alison atkinson,  26 February 2011 at 07:30  

Juicytots skirt. Fantabulous ! We love your ideas and stuff. Xxxx Alison Atkinson (

aimee yates,  26 February 2011 at 09:32  

skirt & juicytots :-) x

Anonymous,  26 February 2011 at 09:46  

I think a funky Skirt & Juicytots stockist xx

Shelley Lee xx

laura,  26 February 2011 at 09:52  

i reckon its a skirt and is for

miss leslieanne 26 February 2011 at 09:57  

I reckon it's one of your gorgeous new circle skirts at Juicytots?
(which you should totally do in adult sizes!! :P xx)

Cathy Glynn,  26 February 2011 at 10:51  

Skirt from Juicy tots.

Nicole 26 February 2011 at 11:31  

full circle skirt from juicy tots

handmadehappiness 26 February 2011 at 23:50  

Juicy tots your circle skirts are fab fab!!! makes me wish I had a girl.... Amanda's hello kitty one is to die for ;) thanx for the chance

mummy24 27 February 2011 at 05:40  

Stockist - juicy tots
Product- skirt

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