Proud Mummy moments!!

>> Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Well.. so much for my blogging every night... How useless am I!?!

My 1st proud mummy moment happened over 7 days ago now, I really shouldn't have taken so long getting this up for you all to read!

my 8yo son had his 1st Samurai seminar at
Falmer university, Brighton and it was amazing, He loved it! I was so proud seeing my son take part in the demonstrations and prove to his sensei that he deserved his next belt (white with a yellow stripe!)

here is a picture of him doing a Demo:
the demonstrations and training went on for about 2 was amazing to watch and 8yo really tried hard to do everything right!

He was one of the youngest & smallest there! (apart from the kid they partnered him with, he was a titch.. Poor boy didn't know what hit him when 8yo threw him over his shoulder/back!!
and when the boy had to do the same move on 8yo... No chance!! poor kid!

he loved every minute of the morning, and was so excited to see his mum & dad (rare that dad ever does anything/go anywhere with mum!!) sitting in the viewing area upstairs! he kept looking up & waving!!!

after the demonstration, all of the sensei put together an assault course and split the kids up to compete! (they even let 6yo join in! which he loved!!!! here's a video of them all!!

*6yo is the one in the Bright blue top!*

after the assault course, the head sensei took them through their grading, then sat them down and gave them all their certificates and new belts... they were told to take off their white belts and to put their new one on, but 8yo was given an adult size belt and it was so funny.. watching him trying to put it on!!! it was HUGE! it took 3 sensei to help him.. Poor boy

here is 8yo with his certificate... I'm so so proud of my eldest son.. he's amazing! 2nd proud mummy moment was going to see 6yo in his school performance.

it was called "Stella the Starfish" and was all about a starfish who'd lost her family and had to travel through the mgical ocean to find her family.

6yo was a Turtle.. not just any Turtle, but a depressed, grumpy Turtle!! He'd been singing the songs for weeks... so i'd learn't ALL the words! but was excited to see how a turtle this grumpy could be played into the performance...

Well.. here's the video of him singing his song.. He's the one in the middle of the screen.. (bopping!)

the words to the song are:

"snap, snap, snap, i'm Terry the Turtle,

grump, grump, grump, keep outta my way,

My flippers are tough & i'm feeling rough,

So just - leave me alone Today"

"Snap, snap, snap, I'm Terry the Turtle,

grump, grump, grump, keep outta my way,

My blood is all cold & i'm feeling old,

So just - will you please Go away"

"snap, snap, snap,

Grump, grump, grump,

Read MY beak


*this was just the verse.. I could remember the whole thing!!*

(but loved the bit about turtle soup!! lol)

here's a picture of him in his costume, He's looking a tad shy.. awwwww!!!

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