Today was Tuesday.....

>> Tuesday, 7 July 2009

today was Tuesday..

I woke up early, Knowing I had to be at 6yo's school to watch him in a play called "Stella the starfish" which was amazing... 6yo was so funny and did the best grumpy turtle dance ever!
(he played a depressed Turtle!!)

I'm planning a blog on this V.soon!! haven't uploaded pics & video yet, but promise to do so soon.. as its super cool!

After Watching 6yo in play, I took all my newly made dress orders to the post office, one package went to Oslo, Norway! (Look out for the big news on this one!!! website to follow too!) one went to (@weepunk on twitter! and now my 3rd stockist!! YAY) and one with a sample dress that went to a hopeful new stockist.. which if successful, will be named here at a later date!

4yo had an appointment with Speech and language today too.. so after the post office trip, We got on the bus to the next town, along the coast road to the clinic..
4yo was fab! not one stammer.. typical.. but the speech & language lady was concerned about his behaviour.. and his 'need' to shout.. EVERYTHING!! so has referred him to audiology!
6yo had surgery in Jan to fix his hearing, he was 80% deaf!!! but perfect(ish) now.. no more shouting! so hopefully.. if 4yo has same.. he can be 'fixed' too! i'd love a quiet home... LOL

well... after spending about 1.5hours with the S&L lady, we decided to pop into Brighton again (we'd been Monday!) to buy some things... I'd seen some Lego reduced and wanted to buy it! God knows why.. i think i spend half my income on Lego for the boys.. but they do love it!
I also went into a high street shop... to look for 'fat tops' I've never ever had to buy a size 20 until now.. and I'm finally coming to terms with the fact that.. "you can't wear a size 10 anymore Nat.. You look ridiculous!!" (thanks mum!!)
So.. I searched for some tops and found a couple.. one of them was reduced to £14 from £22 and one was reduced to £5 from £18, not bad!! so went to pay... at the checkout though.. they guy rang them through and said "that'll be £10 please.." huh... nice one!.. best not tell him he rang through the £5 top twice!! I chip & pinned and walked out! hehe (i love a bargain!!)

not thinking and the Stokke Xplory being full of things & no handbag, I put my purse, phone and other bits into the bag with tops and put this bag into the Lego bag.
left the shop and got the bus home!... and just in time.... The heavens opened a Thunder and lightning storm had just started!!!
why is it that lightning isn't as cool when its daytime.. I love lightning... but not when you can't see it properly! So glad we had 4 episodes of it today.. Kids got super scared of it this evening... really freaked them out! wimps!! (OK. maybe it was the sound of the thunder that scared them.. or even the fat that the Sky+ didn't work due to the storm.. amazing how NOT being able to watch TV can traumatise a child!!!) I love thunder & lightning.. amazing it is!
Anyway.. i digress... I got onto the bus and it was PACKED... so many people got on & i had to stand.. so put the shopping bags into the cargo part at front of the bus.. and stood next to 4yo & Soph in the Xplory.
My knees have been giving me a lot of pain these last few days (I've been diagnosed with Osteoarthritis in my knees) and i was struggling to stand up, so when the bus died down.. a space came up next to the kids on the other side.. (the seats where the sticker says "priority to the elderly, disabled or those less able to stand") I think I pass for this category?! Well anyway.. I sat my ass down!!
Because the bus had been so busy.. it had had to stop sooo many times and time was running out.. it was 2:45 and i had 15 mins to get into my town, take shopping home & meet 8yo on the hill so we could quickly whizz round and collect 6yo from his school..
just coming into the town centre, I Was distracted.. someone started to talk to me about the Xplory... now i LOVE talking about the Xplory and how uber cool it is, but i was tired, stressed and almost LATE.. I said to the lady, "oh i am sorry, this is my stop.. thanks for your comments, Yes, She DOES look like a princess!" (haha! i love it when they say that! she's the Official #1 Stokke Queen!!)
Pushing the bell for the stop, the bus driver nearly missed stopping and I quickly got off the bus... thinking.. oh I'd better check the time... and ...................

NO.... NO... NO... NO... NOOOOOOO

shouting at 4yo.... i said... "RUN.... run after that bus..." now, this is the road and its a STEEP hill

It may not look like a long way... but when you have a 4yo & an Xplory and Stoopid freaking Knees.... it can feel like Everest...
I RAN... ran so hard and so fast... I started crying... my knees were giving way... BUT i had to catch the Bus... What if someone saw me put the shopping on the bus.. Knew i'd got off and then took my shopping knowing I couldn't do anything about it... Noooo...

Shouting at 4yo to hurry up.. I almost ran into oncoming traffic... I was hysterical... I couldn't stop, because i'd miss catching up with the bus.. BUT OMGOD... I'm so FAT.. and SO freaking unable to run... I'm never going to catch it.. 4yo is crying too... "mummy... my heart is hurting me..."
"KEEP RUNNING..... we have to catch up with the bus..."

NOPE.. it was gone.... I'd ran all the way to the next stop.. and it had gone... the next bus stop was too far away...

I started Blubbering.... All my money...My phone.... kids Lego... irreplaceable thing in my purse, like photos of kids and the Tracking info for the packages I'd sent this morning... Noooo... all GONE..

Then.. it hit me.... Taxi... get in a taxi and "CHASE THAT BUS, DRIVER"
I went into the taxi office and through my out of breathe, blubbering fat red face.. i tried saying that i needed a taxi NOW....

the lady in the office said.. "Nah.. darlin... ain't got nothing for at least 5 mins..."

FIVE F**KING MINUTES..... No... i need one NOW... she saw i was hysterical and asked what had happened, I tried telling her... but started having a panic attack... I've never had one before (in public that is.. but now... in a taxi office.. with 4yo crying.. Sophie flabbergasted to what was going on with her mummy...) I was going crazy...

Thankfully.. the blackberry was in the pocket of the Xplory.. what a god send that pocket is... I got out my phone and tried ringing my sister (business partner - BIG Sophie!!) I couldn't talk to her... i just stammered down the blackberry... saying
"I..i...i... taxi.... now.. kids... school...bus... Lego.... running.. now... help... please... centre... help... come...."

what i was trying to say through hyperventilating was.....
"I'm waiting for a taxi.... the kids are coming out of school NOW.. and i'm not there..... i left a Lego bag on the bus with my shopping & purse, phone in.. and I ran after it.. I'm now in the town with NO money... and i need your help.. come to the town centre and help me..."

She didn't understand a thing... "Nat.. what the F**K s wrong with you... where are you??"

passing the blackberry to the lady in the taxi office, she told her where i was...

I was so upset.. all I could think about was the kids... they were coming out of school NOW and for the life of me.. could i remember the phone numbers of their schools? nope! could i even ring them and make sense down the phone.. NOPE... I was a mess....

My knees were hurting so much... was pumped full of adrenaline.. but my knees couldn't cope.. i collapsed on the floor of the taxi office... crying in shame now more than my loss of shopping and things... how embarrassing... I've never been so unfit.. and/or so unable to run... this is such a wake up call...

after what seemed like an eternity.. BIG Sophie arrived and i was able to cryptically tell her that I wanted her to take 4yo & Soph with her to find 8yo who'd be scared out his wits that mummy wasn't home or had met him from school.. (he walks down the hill to our hosue everyday after school and i meet him outside the house) and to then ring 6yo's school and tell them to keep him there in after-school club...

and still NO TAXI... this bus would be miles away by now... I started crying again... where is the taxi...
"I've got a taxi near the bus..." taxi lady says... "I'm going to send him after the bus without you.. as it'd be quicker than coming back here to get you"
"O..o...kay"... i said... picking myself up off the floor...
BIG Sophie went with kids and i sat down on a bench and continued to cry into my hands...
GOD... what a complete state i must have looked.. now in all my life.. I have never shown this kind of public breakdown... but i couldn't help myself... I was out of control and showing the world my soul... OK.. maybe not my soul... but, i was so upset! I'm such a closed book in person.. I never let my emotions show... Not ever to strangers anyway!.. and come on Nat.. it was only Lego, clothes and a purse & phone.. you CAN replace most of this... OK.. not the photos, tracking info & other few bits.. but most of it... WHY are you getting so upset??!

I think.. i was more upset that I'd been so Stupid.. i never ever normally leave things on the cargo part.. for fear of someone snatching them whilst I'm sat down and distracted... but here I was.. being THAT stupid and leaving my things there... and also.. i think i was ashamed... ashamed that in an emergency.. i couldn't perform.. i couldnt catch the bus up.. I nearly got myself, the xplory and 4yo ran over by running into the main road.. GOD.. what kind of a mother am i!?!

the taxi lady's phone rang... " are you there... is it there... what did your bag look like love??"

Umm... I've told you a million blubbering times.... "it was a LEGO BAG... yellow... with a purse and phone in it.."

"did you hear that... its a Lego bag... have you got it??"

god the suspense was killing me.... Was my shopping there.. had the taxi driver caught the bus?

i was starting to calm down now... hopeful that the Taxi driver had stopped the bus.. and was collecting my bag... Please please please....

her phone rang again

"whats your name lovey??? (Grr.. i hate being called "lovey")

whats your surname....
"L***man" i said... " has he got it??? I was shaking again.... please... please let him have my bag...

"ok.. " she put down the phone..
ok.. OK what.....

"he has your bags... he's on the way to the office!"

YES.... omgosh.. I've never been so relieved in all my life.. i started crying AGAIN...
(geez... am i hormonal or something???)

looking out the window... i waited for the driver... here he was....
YAY... he had my things!!!

I thanked him SO much and threw all the money I had in my purse at him.. i think it was about £15..(wish i could have given him more...) but I had my purse! I had my phone and I had the kids Lego! YAY!

I hobbled home, wishing i still had my Xplory to hold onto.. I could barely walk... and was still so upset and red faced from crying (or was that shame...)
got in the house and callasped... on the floor.. literally and cried again... but this time in happiness... I was so thankful... i had my things back and the kids were home safe


Prettynpink129,  7 July 2009 at 16:33  

wOw whaT a Hard day, i would have done the same thing, broke down crying and screaming though, you were a real trooper =) and im so glad it turned out all right. ive had similar experiences with the bus when i was younger but i never got mine back. =)

Dancinfairy 8 July 2009 at 00:53  

The taxi lady sounds like a star. Don't beat yourself up about not being able to catch the bus, not many people could do that, even if they didn't have 2 kids and and a stroller to manage as well.

It all sounds very stressful and I am so pleased everything was okay in the end.

Juicytots 8 July 2009 at 03:34  

Sounds like the day from hell. At least everyone was ok in the end and you got your bag back. Losing stuff is mega stressful & being late for the kids is such a horrid feeling too.

New Mummy 8 July 2009 at 06:07  

Oh bless you, sounds like an awful day!! Hope you had a nice big glass of Rose! x

mummytips 8 July 2009 at 10:26  

Oh hon. It took me three attempts to get all the way through your post. @byyanto caught me reading it this morning when I should have been getting the kids ready for school and told me off.....

So I have just finished it and I know that it shouldn't have made me laugh - but it was laughter of the nervous kind. You poor thing. I just want to move in and look after you!

I have a rather nice thing here just for you. Will arrange shipping tomorrow and hopefully a bit of flat pack will keep you out of the Lego shop (it is obviously cursed).

Big Hugs.


SandyCalico 8 July 2009 at 11:39  

Oh Natalie, you poor thing. Thank goodness it turned out okay in the end. I don't blame you for crying at all, I'd have been the same. Sending (((HUGS))) x

Soph4Soph 8 July 2009 at 12:42  

hiya Guys... Thanks so much for your kind words.. Yes.. what an ordeal.. I'm pooped today! every bone in my legs hurt!!

prettynpink129 - omgosh.. I'm so sorry for you.. i am so so so grateful that i got my things back.

Dancinfairy - yes, the taxi lady was a star!! i went in today to book 6yo's taxi pick up from samurai.. and she said "wow.. you look a lot calmer today!" LOL

juicytots - Yes, thank god everyone was ok.. I was so cross with myself for making 4yo run so fast and so hard.. I really did put them in danger running over that road.. and Yeah.. the kids coming out of school at the exact same time was killing me! its all i kept thinking about but also all my things on the bus... what was more important... I'm just so thankful that my sis was able to get kids & taxi driver was such a star!! :-)

new mummy - i wish i had some wine!! i was so shaken up though, that wine probably would have made me worse! lol

mummytips - your so sweet.. my mum is in Ibiza this week.. so I'm feeling super duper on my own.. she's my rock when i need someone to talk too.. i feel So lost not being able to unload on her!! naughty you though.. I'm always reading things online in the morning too! or trying to squeeze in some impulse buying instead of getting ready for the school run!
ooh... I'm excited now... flat pack is my fave!! and yes steering clear of the Lego shop for a while.. i need to start saving! not splurging on more!!!!!

Soph4Soph 8 July 2009 at 12:48  

sandycalico - aww.. thank you!! I hate crying.. especially in public, i felt humiliated!! :-( thank god the taxi lady had a sense of humour.. she laughed so hard when i went back in today!! LOL

SweetPeaknits 8 July 2009 at 14:07  

Oh Natalie, what a day! I'd have probably cried too, I'm such a wooss at times.
I love a happy ending though. Estee xxx

Natalie 8 July 2009 at 23:59  

Hey Nat, you poor thing! That sounds like a horrendous experience! So glad you got your stuff back and trust me, I would have wept too so don't be feeling bad for crying. {hugs}

clareybabble 11 July 2009 at 06:34  

I think I would have been just as bad!! What a nightmare, but at least you came out of it unscathed and with your stuff back. And what a good taxi firm, keep that number on you for future use! x

Anonymous,  11 July 2009 at 14:47  

Is it wrong of me to have laughed! Bless you! I have these visions of you running down the hill tee hee hee! :) xx

New Mummy 13 July 2009 at 13:56  

There is an award for you at mine x

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