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>> Thursday, 2 July 2009

well after the mammoth post last night, I though tonight's could be somewhat shorter & lighter!

I hope you all enjoyed reading about the Story behind Sophie4Sophie and the showcase of my new product, which shall now be referred to as the "kinky bib" thanks Claire!!

Today I've not really got much work done, with my lack of enthusiasm to do anything & it being so blooming hot... I've not moved far from the sofa since i got home this afternoon.

I did however take photos of all my most recently bought fabrics! I've been meaning to do this for a while! I've bought so many wonderful fabrics and have been secretly keeping them all to myself!

but have decided, this is not fair!! Why shouldn't the World enjoy them too... Especially on a Super funky Sophie4Sophie dress! (or bib!!)

I've put them all on Flickr!!! I'm so excited about my flickr!! I'd been locked out of it for nearly a month! I'd forgotten the password & couldn't reset it.. but today.. out of sheer luck, I tried to reset it again..and it WORKED!! yay!

I had been worrying that I'd have to start a whole new account and re upload the hundreds of photos that I'd already got on my original account! So, Phew... that's a job not in need of doing!

The photos have all been put here have a look!!

I do only have limited availability of some of the fabrics, maybe even only enough to make 1 dress.. or even 1 bib! (I've added my big scraps!!) If your interested in any... act quickly... as someone else might beat you to them!!

Also today... (skipping onto a completely different subject!)

spider web spinning!!! the title of today's post has been inspired by my sons.. They've been having so much fun today, much to my annoyance.. with balls of string...

We took a load of clothes to the charity shop a few weeks ago, and walked a round the back of the shop to leave them in their porch, seagulls tend to eat any bags left out in the high street and I didn't want any of the clothes getting ruined. The back of the shop is in a large communal car-park and beside the back door were wheelie bins.. now i don't normally take much notice of wheelie bins, but these ones were Full.. so full of things... not rubbish... I thought.. OMGosh..whats that??.... I have that baby gym at home, it cost me £50!! and its still in its packaging! WHAT.. I took it out the bin and investigated further... What else could be in here if they're throwing away good toys.

So many things were in there.. but most importantly these balls of string! there were hundreds!!! glittery ones, black ones, Red ones, pink ones! I thought how cool... we could have so much fun making things with these.. so We took them home! (shh.. don't tell anyone we bin borrow!!)

this is what the balls of string were made into today: They spent HOURS... tying this string to every available surface in their bedroom...the hall...the bathroom and even the landing!.. it looked amazing!!! I'm not sure if I'm happy about it, but for the peace and quiet it gave me this afternoon, I'm not going to grumble! they had so much fun and the creativity of them is amazing... Roni my 6yo (pictured in the Ubang Elephant top!) had taken on the role of a giant spider.. here he is scaring me out of his room...

He's so funny!... i love how imaginative he is!! the spider web is still there, He wouldn't let me cut it down, I don't know how I'm getting into my bedroom tonight...Its a bit like the crystal maze... but what will I win if i manage to get through it!
Maybe I'll just take up come scissors and say another bigger spider came along and was jealous!! If not he can just make a new one... we still have 99 balls of string left!!!


Anonymous,  2 July 2009 at 15:23  

Yay! Brilliant name for that bib. Kinky Bib - love it! Ha ha!

Also love the webs, your kids have got it made! I bet they were loving it! :)

Looking forward to the next post... hope you haven't peaked to early!

alythebean 2 July 2009 at 15:24  

Your such a cool mum and yes a lot of shops do this.It's a shameful waste, I love charity chopping, fortunately so do my kids.And yay for writing a post, I still have four unfinished.I spend too much time on Twitter and facebook when I get on here (I've been lucky this week 3 nights in a row) usually every 3 nights.I just can't stop chatting to people.Any way off to look at your fabric.

Dancinfairy 3 July 2009 at 11:38  

That looks like so much fun!

SandyCalico 3 July 2009 at 14:35  

What a great idea :-)
You can spend all the money in the world on toys, but they're never that interested. Mine have been playing with egg cups today, kept them quiet for ages. I thought Presley was going to do a magic trick, he kept lining three up in a row. So funny. x

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